Company Profile

RTC Vision develops a diverse range of Computer Vision technologies, from low-level image and video processing to high-level 3D understanding. These include image enhancement, detection, tracking, 3D reconstruction, recognition, machine/deep learning, automation and inspection.

Raising the bar on innovative computer vision and imaging technology, RTC Vision provides its customers with a veritable mix of generic research, development, optimization, and stringent quality assurance, that translates into reliable and efficient solutions. We integrate our engines, technologies, and product know-how into enhancing our customers’ applications and developing customized end-to-end solutions. With a broad portfolio of projects and technologies in various industries, RTC Vision serves markets including medical imaging, security, quality inspection and mobile augmented reality.

Founded in 2005, RTC Vision combines extensive academic knowledge with practical industrial expertise, backed by an experienced management team. From algorithm development to efficient implementation and deployment, we partner with our customers to provide reliable and effective products, customized projects and solutions, and services based on our technologies suite.

Simply put, RTC Vision takes on bold challenges. We handle even the toughest technological obstacles and we deliver what we promise – shortening project delivery time, reducing risks and providing innovative breakthroughs and real problem solving.

We innovate.

Image enhancement, detection, tracking, 3D reconstruction, recognition, content-based indexing & search, video intelligence

We integrate.

Engines, technologies, know-how, industry experience, R&D methodology

We provide.

Research, development, project management, optimization and innovative solutions to complex challenges

We deliver.

High-quality solutions, minimum project turnaround time, reduced risks, real problem solving