Vulcan Consortium


The Vulcan Consortium (, a non-profit, non-governmental organization, was created by the MAGNET program headed by the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of Israel. Under its auspices, the consortium joined forces with Israel’s leading security system vendors and academic researchers in content analysis, to study and provide solutions to the many challenges arising from today’s video surveillance systems.

RTC Vision led the Vulcan Consortium’s video indexing research group, enabling object based indexing, search, and retrieval in multi-camera environments, such as airport terminals and safe-city projects. In this research, RTC Vision’s PixSearch advanced indexing system receives object tracks and metadata from consurtium partners’ VCA systems and indexes them to provide efficient object search and retrieval.

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Consortium member companies include NICE, Elbit Systems, Rafael, Verint, HTS, ProTrack, RTC Vision, and leading universities.

The Weizmann Institute Technion
Tel Aviv University IDC - Herziliya Bar Ilan University
Haifa University