Pix3D - 3D Image Reconstruction

3D Image Reconstruction

Pix3DPix3D enables the reconstruction of a 3D object, based on its measured 2D projections. It is best used in cases where raw 2D projection data does not supply sufficient data on the object of interest, such as in Computer Tomography (CT), and for inspection purposes. Pix3D provides high-quality reconstructed 3D volumes, even in adverse conditions, with the ability to efficiently handle large amounts of data. This unique suite of tools and software modules, coupled with RTC Vision’s customization and implementation capabilities, ensures the delivery of tailor-made, high-quality solutions.

Technology: The Pix3D Suite

Pix3D is a reliable and efficient 3D volume reconstruction toolkit. It utilizes 2D image projections of a given object and computes its attenuation coefficients to produce a 3D volume. Pix3D’s advanced technology handles even the most complex challenges, such as partial or missing raw data, low-quality imaging environments, varying, possibly unknown, exposure and geometrical settings, and non-standard physical models. In addition, Pix3D efficiently carries out intensive computational tasks, using dedicated hardware accelerators (e.g., GPU), while resourcefully managing large amounts of data.

Pix3D technology can tackle many of the existing limitations inherent in conventional CT technology.

  • Sufficiently incorporates prior knowledge and uses a partial set of 2D views acquired at arbitrary positions, without requiring a full 360° scan
  • Does not require expensive high-end equipment and specific scan geometries for 3D reconstruction
  • Applicable in scenarios where conventional CT is neither possible nor practical (e.g., handles large objects)
  • Technology can be applied as an add-on to existing acquisition systems

Mazor Robotics C-InSight ® Powered by RTC Vision

Industry Applications

With a combination of theoretical knowledge and required practical know-how, customers have come to rely on our experience and expertise, pre- and post-development support, and our ability to optimize performance, reduce runtime, and provide prompt answers to their specific needs.

Sarin Galaxy® Scanner, Enhanced by RTC Vision

Sarin Galaxy® Scanner, Enhanced by RTC Vision

Pix3D capabilities address a wide range of industries and applications, including:

  • Medical computer tomography (CT)
  • Defect detection and quality control (QC)
  • Security inspection systems (e.g., luggage checking)