PixFuse - Image/Video Enhancement

Image/Video Enhancement

PixFuseHandling images and videos taken even under the most adverse conditions, PixFuse technology enables a wide range of image enhancements, including optimal image acquisition, registration, multi-frame fusion, super resolution, denoise, and deblur. A highly-efficient, configurable, and reliable engine, PixFuse deploys general purpose and domain-specific algorithms. The technology can be easily integrated in a wide range of applications for various markets, from digital photography to medical imaging, and forensic analysis.


The PixFuse engine is a runtime environment that includes a rich set of advanced image and video enhancement algorithms. Designed to handle image processing under challenging conditions, PixFuse is easy to implement and deploy, and has been successfully integrated into RTC Vision solutions, including the SeeBeyond™ forensic product, as well as into relevant customer products and development projects.

PixFuse technology deals with enhancements of single-image, multi-image, and video, implementing state-of-the-art algorithms to collect and fuse information from all available images as well as from other sources (e.g., license plate standard for LPR). When combined, this comprehensive set of algorithms results in exceptional improvement in image details and accuracy, with greater performance in a range of environments, such as real-time and off-line, with or without hardware acceleration (e.g., utilizing GPU).

Algorithms include super resolution to increase actual resolution and reveal fine details even in the presence of motion; HDR combines images to represent scenes with high dynamic range; retinex, to effectively handle over/under-exposed images; frame averaging, to improve video SNR; deblur, to sharpen blurred images; denoise, to clean noisy images, and a range of controls to enhance colors, compression artifacts, and other imaging deficiencies. Additional PixFuse features include video stabilization, picture quality assessment tools, optical aberrations correction, and improved quality of videos taken in harsh environmental conditions.

PixFuse - Image/Video-Enhancement

PixFuse – Image/Video-Enhancement

Market Applications

PixFuse is designed for companies that require high quality, reliable, and efficient image and video processing capabilities integrated into their products or solutions. Designed for a wide range of uses, PixFuse’s superior image enhancement tools can be deployed and embedded into a variety of applications and industries, including:

  • Advanced forensics systems
  • Consumer devices
  • Inspection systems
  • Medical imaging
  • Aerial photography
  • LPR (License Plate Recognition)