Company Profile

RTC Vision develops a diverse range of computer vision technologies, from high-level 3D understanding to low-level image and video processing. These technologies include image enhancement, detection, tracking, 3D reconstruction, recognition, machine/deep learning, automation and inspection solutions. Taking Computer Vision and imaging to the next level, RTC Vision provides its customers with the essential mix of research, development, optimization, and stringent quality assurance that translate into innovative and efficient solutions.

We integrate our engines, technologies, and product knowledge to enhance our customers’ applications, and develop customized end-to-end solutions. With a broad portfolio of projects and technologies, RTC Vision serves various markets such as medical, defense, energy, construction, manufacturing, and consumer.

Founded in 2005 and backed by an experienced management team, RTC Vision combines extensive academic knowledge with practical industrial expertise. From algorithm development to efficient implementation and deployment, we partner with our customers to provide effective products, customized projects, solutions and services. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we take on bold challenges across various industries. RTC provides innovative breakthroughs and real problem solving, all while shortening project delivery time and reducing risks.


The Team

RTC Vision’s team consists of a professional group of engineers and researchers with a passion for cutting edge technology developments across a variety of fields. With a focus on Computer Vision and AI, we incorporate extensive technological knowledge, system-wide thinking, and extensive know-how into the products we create. We are committed to the success of our partners and implement structured and agile development methodologies that ensure risk reduction, while not compromising on high quality deliverables.

Our company culture promotes innovation, creativity, and breakthrough scientific knowledge. We encourage collaboration, embrace curiosity and original research, and thrive on an ongoing exchange of ideas between our team members


Dr. Yossi Rubner, CEO

Dr. Rubner brings over two decades of R&D management expertise combined with academic research and teaching. Prior to founding RTC, he managed a R&D group at Applied Materials, served as CTO at Jigami, consulted for Xerox PARC, and worked as a Software Engineer at Scitex Corporation. He was also responsible for several R&D projects during his service in the Israel Defense Forces. Dr. Rubner is a graduate of the IDF Computer Academy (with distinction) and holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering (summa cum laude) from the Technion Institute of Technology, and PhD degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, where he specialized in Computer Vision. Dr. Rubner has published a book and has over 20 journal and conference papers in the field of Computer Vision. He also teaches occasionally in advanced computer studies at several leading universities in Israel. In 2017, he received the Helmholtz Prize of the IEEE Computer Society.

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Nir Avrahami, Chief Scientist

With 20 years of extensive industrial R&D experience, Nir Avrahami brings both knowledge and expertise in Computer Vision including Machine and Deep Learning, Multi-View Geometry, Optimizations, Registration and Low-Level Vision. Prior to joining RTC in 2008, Nir held the position of CTO at ioimage, where he also established and managed the algorithms team. He also served as a Senior Algorithms Developer at CogniTens 3D Visions Systems. He holds an M.Sc. (summa cum laude) in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.

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Let’s be in touch

Lior Lifshitz, President

Lior was the Chairman of SAIPS, a computer vision company, which was acquired by Ford Motors and continues to serve as an Executive Board Member. He was the Managing Director at Jerusalem Capital VC, active chairman at SecureDimentions (Acquired by MSF), founder and CEO of ProSeed VC (listed on TLV Stock Exchange) and director at various other public and private companies, including over a decade at Etgar Assets Management, a subsidiary of Mizrahi Bank, where he served as the Chairman of the Audit Committee. Lior also worked at Batucha Investments, where he managed six out of ten branches of the company. He holds a M.A in Economics from TLV University. He also volunteers on a Search and Rescue team and acts as a Co-Active life coach.